“I have had a huge shift in my life and feel like a new me…”

“I am in a place of calm, joy and confidence…”

“I am happy, I smile and I glow…”

“I am easily the most happy and content I’ve ever been in my life…”

“It’s brought me the health and happiness I’ve been chasing…”

“I can’t remember being this weight for over 25 years…”

Do you believe it's possible to create a life like this?

I know it’s possible because I did it!

I suffered from depression, hated myself and was highly stressed through my 20s and 30’s, and so in 2003 I decided enough was enough and I went on a mission to “fix” myself.

I discovered that “fixing myself” didn’t happen the way I thought it would, or the way I was told it should.

No pill, no meditation course, no psychotherapist, no self-help book, no break-up and no change of job helped me. So I ended up doing something radically different that actually worked.

I got to the root cause.

And I know my approach works for others because those quotes at the top of the page? They’re from some of the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with over the last few years… (You can read more from my clients here)

I’m Janie Carter and you can read more about my story here.

How I can work with you

Healthy Body Happy Mind 12 Week Program

The healthy, happy way to… more energy, feeling better, weight loss, improved health.

Transformational Counselling

Get to the root cause of issues and create a happier, healthier life.

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