Nutrition that Nourishes

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Nutrition has become very confusing. Should we eat low fat? low carb? Paleo? vegetarian? do intermittent fasting? go on a juice detox?

The answer to this question may be different for each person, but there is one thing that I know without question – all humans should be eating real food.

We should be eating a variety of whole living animal and plant foods. We should be eating the foods that nourish and heal our body and provide us with ample energy. We are made from the food we eat – so if you want a good quality body you have to eat good quality food.

If you want to thrive, you need to eat food that thrived.

How we help you

In the Healthy Body Happy Mind Program I know that there is not one “diet” that is right for everybody – we are all individuals with different biochemistry and so we help you find the way of eating that will help YOU thrive and achieve your ideal body weight.

I help you find nutrition that nourishes your body and leads to healing, regeneration and provides ample energy.

Our philosophy is simple: Learn – Plan – Enjoy

Young woman smiling while shopping in the supermarket with peoplLearn

We start with an education about food. What is food? Why do we eat it? Do calories really matter?

We bust some of the myths about how we are told to eat to lose weight, and about what we are told is healthy. Is eating fat bad for us? Is cholesterol in food unhealthy? Are whole grains healthy?

Food sensitivities? I also know that some foods don’t work for some people so our programs help you identify the foods that may be getting in the way of achieving your health and weight goals.

Health issues? I help you find a way of eating that may help relieve symptoms, get you feeling better and on the path to recovery.

Portrait of happy girl with vegetable salad on background of herPlan

When you realise that the “convenience” food is probably contributing to long-term health and weight issues, it becomes apparent that changing your lifestyle to buy, prepare and eat real food is vital to success

The Healthy Body Happy Mind program makes this easy.

The program provides you with all the information and resources – including recipes, meal plans and where to buy guides – to implement a real food lifestyle at a pace that works for you.

Girl at the shop choosing fruits and vegetables smells fresh redEnjoy

Unfortunately many people now think of food as “calories” and so food has become their enemy. For many others eating food is just something that has to be done and they just go through the motions without any thought about what they are putting in their mouth.

Food is life!

Food not only helps us create an amazing, healthy body so we can live life to the fullest, but it provides social bonding, pleasure and joy.

Let me help you change your relationship with food. It will change your life… and your body.

I want to help you find a way of eating that you and your family love, and that helps you achieve your health and weight loss goals.

Do you know what to eat but just can’t seem to do it?

I know there are many people who struggle with cravings, emotional eating, binge eating and eating disorders.

For many people this is one of the greatest challenges to their health. As a qualified counsellor I can help you make positive changes.

I believe WHY you eat is just as important as WHAT you eat.

For some people as soon as they start eating high quality foods their cravings go away. For others we need to look at their eating triggers and underlying emotions and thoughts that are driving them to eat foods they don’t really want to eat.

Female hands holding an aubergine above table of vegetablesThe Nutrition that Nourishes Mind Set

Eating for health requires a single philosophy.

Be determined to eat high quality, real, whole foods as often as you can and your body will become healthier.

Be determined to understand why you eat and you won’t need willpower to achieve your goals.


Come and visit me for a free discovery session to find out how I can help you change your relationship with food.