I have worked with hundreds of clients over the last 5 years. Here are some of the things they say about my program:

“Thank you Janie for your wonderful Thrive program. I have had a huge shift in my life and feel like a new me. I have learned the importance of good nutrition, exercise and self care. One of the most beneficial things you taught me was to give myself permission to release unhelpful patterns of behaviour, and instead replace them with kindness and nurturing toward myself. I will feel forever grateful that I listened to your signs and walked through your door. Thank you”

I really wish I’d seen Janie sooner after years of yo-yo dieting and trying just about all of the low calorie/low fat diets out there. It’s so liberating to not be scared of cooking with fat and not calorie counting. It’s made such a difference to my energy levels and general wellbeing. Thanks Janie for all your knowledge and encouragement :)”

The person I remembered many years ago has been rediscovered.  I am happy, I smile and I glow.  Life still has challenges but perceptions and reactions have steadied.  There was nothing to lose as a life-long yo-yo dieter. Initially, I wanted to be physically strong and lose weight, anything would be a relief.  Strong now equals strength.  With education, support and guidance from Janie, weight steadily reduced by 9 kg over the twelve week program and I have embraced fats. I am now physically, psychologically and emotionally strong. In continuing with the program, I am redefining my life and shaping my future. Come on this journey and prepare for the life you deserve.”

It’s taken a program like Healthy Body Happy Mind to break down decades of disordered eating; cycles of deprivation and punishment; and enabled me to rebuild my approach to nutrition and life in general as something balanced, rewarding and enjoyable. Finding the joy in the everyday is something I shouldn’t need to learn – but certainly needed to be reminded of – and 12 weeks of Janie’s thoughtful, careful guidance has brought me to a place of calm, joy and confidence. It’s brought me the health and happiness I’ve been chasing, and reminded me to find this in myself rather than by following a bunch of rules designed by someone else. Thank you.”

Our sessions have made a lasting impression on me. I have found myself using the tools and ideas you gave me to feel better about how I appear more and more and it is honestly getting easier to do. And as for food I have been making sure I am checking labels of things a lot more to check what is actually in foods while we have been enjoying trying out new recipes with fresh ingredients.”

This 12 week program has been a great starting point to a healthier and happier life for me and my family. I feel I have the tools and information I need to continue on the right path to a more enjoyable life. Thank you so much Janie for your care and support. I am truly thankful for your help over these last few months Janie. I know my journey of self improvement will never be over, but it is nice to know I have somewhere to go if I need some extra support getting through difficult times should they arise in the future.”

“I wanted to let you know how great I’m still feeling. I’ve got 0.7kg to go and I’ve hit 10kg weight loss!! I can fit into my clothes again.”

“Being a person who needs proof that something works, I watched a colleague lose weight quite rapidly and decided it looked so easy that I wanted to do the same program. Well I jumped into it and discovered that my weight was not all about the food I was eating, it was also about the emotional baggage I was carrying internally. Janie helped me to see the negative impacts my thoughts were having and gave me strategies to change both mindset and diet. WOW, I couldn’t be happier with how I’m now travelling in life. I will be still checking in with Janie if the need arises however I couldn’t be happier to have found her and the service she offers.”

“Weighed myself this morning – exactly 87.00 (loss of 13.8kg) – woohoo! Thank you – couldn’t have done it without your support, encouragement and direction.”

“I just really wanted to write and thank you. While I will always be a work in progress I am easily the most happy and content I’ve ever been in my life. According to my husband my headspace has never been better and he keeps saying how proud he is of me, he is also a lot happier as well. I always just assumed some people were just not happy but thanks to the work I’ve being doing with you I realise that now that’s just not true happiness is there for everyone you just have to know what to do and where to look. We have to be our own super heroes! I’m starting to let go of things and find so much inner peace it really is amazing so thank you!! I don’t know how I use to live any other way.”

“You are a true “Life Saver” Janie, an Angel sent to us at a difficult time. You have helped our daughter mature and deal with little hiccups in life and she is so much more confident about her self image. Losing weight has encouraged her no end. Most of all, she really loved your patient, kind caring for her whole being. You are a treasure and a gem”

“With patience and consistency to my diet and stress management, I have finally hit 79.3kg today. Hooray! Clothes are really loose now and I think I’ll find that my packed away wardrobe will only fit for a short time as I can’t remember being this weight for over 25 years.

“I wanted to Thank you both for assisting me on my journey to find the “healthy me”. I clearly remember the day I emailed you for help, I’d been sitting in a seminar listening to an Executive Coach talk about fatigue, diet and exercise, I knew I had to do something. Like everyone else I had tried lots of different ways to loose weight, if its in the marketplace I’ve tried it. I also knew that this was really my last shot before I considered surgical intervention. Well 12kgs later, I feel fabulous. I had my Executive Health assessment some weeks ago and I was ecstatic to learn that all of my “vital statistics” are excellent and I have a “biological” age of 35 (which is way younger than my real age). Without your fabulous support and ease of the program I am sure I wouldn’t have been so happy with my  assessment results. Thanks for helping me to feel fabulous.”

“I signed up for the Healthy Body Happy Mind program as I knew that the approach to health Janie has was in line with how I want to achieve wellness. I wanted guidance with a food program and needed external accountability to help keep me in check. With Janie I got so much more than I expected, her approach encompasses so much more than a weight loss program. She is insightful and knows just the right questions to probe with to help me get to a deeper understanding of myself and a gentle push in the right direction to making steps towards long term change. Also, with the food changes I made in the 12 weeks of the program I improved my cholesterol, LDL and triglyceride levels as well as my blood sugar levels which are now all within normal ranges. I am so happy I decided to go on this joinery with Thrive and I would definitely recommend Janie to anyone who wants to make real change in their life. Thank you! “

“When I started the Healthy Body Happy Mind program my self esteem was at an all time low. I was skipping more meals than I was eating trying to maintain my weight which left me tired and grumpy all the time. I never expected to be embarking on such a thought provoking journey! I have learnt more about myself in the last 12 weeks than I could have ever imagined. And food……wow was I overthinking and overcomplicating the entire process. I’ve been given the freedom to eat! I never feel hungry and I really enjoy preparing and eating food again. I can’t thank you enough. This program has changed my life and I’ll never go back :)”

It took nearly 5 years of driving past the Thrive sign before I finally summoned the courage and made the appointment that’s started the rest of my life. I’ve always been an enthusiastic cook, although not always with the best ingredients in hand. I now know how to balance what I cook and eat, and put simply, I now understand that it’s all just about real food. Thank you Janie & Geoff for your information, advice and encouragement. I’ve lost weight and along with my family I am continuing to do so. I’m moving again. I feel and look better that I have in many years, and I’m back to walking my dog daily. It’s a win for us all and is absolutely sustainable for the long run.”

“After many years of struggling to manage my weight, trying countless diets, paying for gym memberships that were rarely used, and ending up heavier and unhealthier than ever, I decided to visit Janie at Thrive. I was recommended by a friend who had experienced similar battles with their weight loss. During my first visit, Janie talked to me about my relationship with food. I joked that I have a great relationship with food, love it, that’s why I’m overweight. I insisted that I did not have an emotional Issue with food. I eat simply because I enjoy it. I eat when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I want to celebrate or commiserate. I had not been deprived as a child, I had no emotional attachment to food, and there was no psychological problem. Then I cried! It came out of nowhere. Somehow Janie’s gentle questioning had unlocked something deep within me that I had obviously masked for years. As we continued to talk, she asked about my childhood, my family and my lifestyle. It helped me to identify some of the issues I’d had with food. I realised that I had been operating my own system of punishment and reward. If I’d been good for a few days on my diet, I could reward myself with a treat, always in the form of unhealthy food. After that I’d feel guilty and punish myself with overeating or starvation. This pattern had continued for forty years! I was diagnosed with IBS in my early 20s and virtually ignored it, accepting it was just something I had to put up with. I’d suffered from bloatedness and poor indigestion for years. Janie helped me to identify my ‘trigger’ foods and concentrated on healing my gut. After only 2 weeks, I no longer suffered from the discomfort of bloating and was able to recognise some of my triggers. Janie helped me to appreciate food and instead of rewarding myself with unhealthy treats, I could reward my body with nutritious food to thank it for looking after me. As we progressed through the program, Janie’s personalised emails helped to me to replace some of my poor choices with healthy alternatives. I realised that sugar was my problem, not fat, and I started to eliminate processed foods from my diet. Janie provided me with healthy recipes and recommendations which were specifically tailored to my needs. I introduced foods that I previously thought were ‘bad’ back into my diet and enjoyed the range of foods I could eat. At every meeting, Janie helped me to reflect on my progress and set goals. Her professional and non-judgemental approach helped me to talk about my health issues with ease. I stopped weighing myself every day and stopped punishing myself if I made a poor choice. I introduced more exercise into my daily regime and felt better than I had in years. The weight began to come off, slowly but consistently, my clothes fitted better and I stopped obsessing about my weight. I visited my doctor and spoke to him about Janie’s program. He was very impressed with my change of attitude towards my weight. He was fully supportive of her approach and confirmed her philosophy about weight loss and wellbeing. I also visited our local health shop in Springwood village to purchase items recommended by Janie. They were aware of the Thrive program and very supportive of it. I am constantly recommending this program to friends and colleagues and have two friends currently attending the program. Janie’s Thrive program is a highly professional practice that is helping to change lives of people in the local community. I would have no hesitation in recommending this program to others.”