The Universe Has Much Better Plans Than We do!

The Universe Has Much Better Plans Than We do! 960 720 janie

Humans love to PLAN.

We love to not only KNOW what is going to happen, but we try to CONTROL what is going to happen. Somewhere along the line we thought that OUR plans and ideas are what will create our perfect future.

But nothing could be further from the truth!

Firstly, we can never know the actual outcome of our plans. What we think is going to be amazing and wonderful (the job! the holiday! the new partner!) often turns out to be completely the opposite. The dream job turns out leaving us overworked and stressed… The dream holiday location was not what we thought it was going to be… After the initial sparks wear off, the dream partner turns out to be quite incompatible with us…

Secondly, most things don’t go to plan anyway. You can make the best project maps and todo lists, and have all your ducks lined up perfectly in a row – then, wham! Something unexpected comes in from left field that completely upends all the best-laid plans we made… and we have to start from scratch.

Thirdly, the only thing that we can plan for is what we already know from our previous experience. We can’t know what we don’t know. So all we can plan for are things that keep creating the same circumstances in our life over and over again. That limits things a bit – we can’t think of something brand new so how can we plan for it?

When was the last time that one of your ‘plans’ turned out perfectly and created *amazing* results in your life? If you are like most people then I am guessing not that recently… if at all?

So, really… what is the good of planning everything to the nth degree? Is it effective? Honestly – does it actually bring any real value and benefits to your life? Does it bring you new and amazing experiences?

If you are starting to realise that perhaps it doesn’t, then that brings up the obvious question – what other choice IS there? Not planning anything??? For most people, this idea will bring up a LOT of fear.

The idea of not knowing what is going to happen, and of not having some semblance of control is frightening to the human ego that wants to be in charge.

The irony is it is NEVER in charge. As much as we might like to think so, we are absolutely not in charge.

So who – or what – is in charge then? The good news is there IS someone in charge – it’s the creative force of the universe!

How the Universe Plans your life

I want to start by telling you a true story:

20 years ago I worked in the corporate world – it was time when I had very low self esteem and my job was my whole identity. I used to work long hours, was highly stressed and very unbalanced. I moved to Europe for a promotion in my late twenties and after about 12 months living there I started to awaken spiritually and began to question my whole existence. I had comletely isolated myself –  socially, culturally and geographically – and eventually I had an emotional breakdown and I knew I had to leave.

I had no idea where I would go and what I would do. I just wanted to leave my job and the country but I did not have financial security. I got to the point where I was just about to leave the job out of deseperation (I was bursting into tears in boardroom meetings!) and somebody I met and told my story to suggested I request a leave of absence – something I had not considered. I asked my boss with no expectations: If it wasn’t approved I was just going to leave anyway. The company only gave a leave of absence to people under certain conditions, but they were so concerned about me due to my emotional state that they granted me a 1 month leave of absence.

In the meantime an email arrived in my inbox about a spiritual program in the USA – something which really excited me – so I decided to take a “leap of faith”. I left my job in Europe and went to the USA to take part in the program. I had no income but at least I knew I could go back to my job if I had to. While I was in the USA my company was unexpectedly taken over by a large multi-national and one of the managers phoned me to tell me that my job was no longer available – and I was given a redundancy package that allowed me to travel the world and heal. The program ended up being life changing and I would not be the person I am today without these amazing events that took place. I could never have planned for any of that to happen!

Have you ever had the sense that your life is following some sort of pre-destined plan? Do you ever feel like events in your life have been cleverly orchestrated for you in ways that seem beyond coincidental? That’s because it has been!

Let’s explore how the universe “plans” life for us.

Our life is filled with infinite possibility

At every moment in our life we have a choice. A lot of choice. We can literally choose to do anything. The problem is we have been conditioned to think and act in certain ways so we tend to do the same thing over and over again. And guess what – all that does is create the same life circumstances over and over again. No wonder so many of us never experience the positive change we desire!

So firstly we have to understand and accept that there are many, many more possibilities than we can think of or imagine. There are so many more potential paths that our lives can take that we simply can’t conceive of, so how can we plan for that? Instead we can put our trust in the universe and know that it will show us a unexpected potential path that is perfect for us. In that way we allow something far more exciting and aligned with our dreams to unfold in our lives.

Just like I could never have conceived of or planned for the leave of absence, the spiritual program and the redundancy.

Decide on the “why” and let the universe deliver the “how”

OK, so now we are thinking it might be a good idea to give over some of our control to the universe so that it can create something better than we can think of. But… we might not want to hand over all the responsibility of creating our life – we might like to have some input.

This is where we get to co-create. Instead of trying to control exactly what is going to happen at a detailed level and how it will happen, we can just focus on the big picture – the truly important things. We might think we want a specific job but if we want to open up to even greater possibilities we are better off to think about why we want the job. Does it give us freedom? Abundance? Flexibility? A sense of purpose? A way to contribute to the greater good? Then instead of focusing on a specific job, we are focusing on the important things, and letting the universe take care of the details.

Then let the intention come into your life in a synchronistic way! And as happened with me, you may find that it happens very quickly. I had set an intention about leaving my job and healing, but If I didn’t listen to that person’s advice and follow my intuition about the program who knows where I would have ended up!

Your feelings are your guidance system

So now we have decided to be a co-creator. We are imaging and visualising the things that are really important to us to see what the universe can come up with. How do we know what to do? How do we know something that is perfectly orchestrated by the universe as opposed to something we are trying to plan and make happen? The answer is in our feelings.

Our feelings are a 100% accurate guidance system that tells us if we are on the right path to creating our dreams. If we feel excited, enthusiastic, eager and happy about what unfolds then we are on the right path. The best path can also cause physical sensations – like goosebumps, a hot flush or just a sense of “knowing” that it is right. On the other hand if we feel like we are “trying” too hard, or forcing something to happen, or if we feel apprehensive, or it doesn’t jump out and make us shout “yes” then it is probably not the best path. And this less desirable path can also be accompanied by physical feelings – like a heaviness in the pit in our stomach, a tight throat or just a feeling that it is “not right” as logical as it might seem to be to do.

We need to listen to our feelings and let them show us the way. Follow what feels exciting – even if it brings up some fear – and every now and then experiment with a “leap of faith” and see what happens. I took a leap of faith despite my financial fears because I could not stay in that job. It felt far more exciting to do a spiritual program, and when I received the call about the redundancy every cell in my being responded with a sense of wonder, awe and gratitude.


So we have seen that we can never truly know the final outcome of our plans, that our best-laid plans rarely deliver, and that we can only plan for what we already know – which closes us off to a lot of potential opportunities.

Instead we have realised that there are more possibilities than we could ever imagine that can fulfil our desires, and that following what excites us leads us on the best path to our dreams.

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